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Painkiller Trailer

Painkiller | Official Trailer | Netflix. Painkiller, a fictionalized telling of real events, explores some of the origins and aftermath of the opioid crisis in America, highlighting the stories of perpetrators, victims, and truth-seekers whose lives are forever altered by the invention of OxyContin. Painkiller, premieres August 10.

The causes and consequences of America’s opioid epidemic unfold in this drama following its perpetrators, victims and an investigator seeking the truth.

Painkiller | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. G M

    What exactly is the point in this since Dopesick already covered this very well?

  2. Imagine a pharmaceutical company pushing a product on the market in collusion with doctors and government that they knew was harming people. I'm sure that could never happen now though.

  3. Why even make this after Dopesick hit it out of the park?? Doesn't make any sense

  4. 1.12 who are the actor and actress in this scene?

  5. Imagine a grug company peddling drugs. Der, it's what they do.

  6. Can't believe it….yrs so late…oh wait we have bigger stars now…😅

  7. Can't ……… Stop …………. The ……………… PAINKILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLER

  8. Love Netflix but I’m starting to think someone is pulling their strings. Once again, another series where white people are depicted as evil and black people as good. Also, every movie / series has to have the compulsory transgender person. It’s getting old now.

  9. Literally no one in the comments talking about this show. Only referencing Dopesick.

  10. Michael Keaton did a much better job. This is wish list dopesick

  11. Dopesick already did this…EXTREMELY WELL! BUT as long as more people see how corrupt Big Pharma actually is. 👏👏

  12. Good try, but it’s not the whole story!

  13. This is just embarrassing. Especially after Hulu dopesick was a masterpiece

  14. I took a Psych class in 1994, the prof warned us about Oxy, the 1-10 pain scale, the re-writing of medical textbooks, the power of industry lobbying government, and the industrial funding of (fake) medical research. It was perfectly clear what was going to happen, and there was nothing to do to stop it.

  15. This one is doomed to stay in the shadow of Dopesick.

  16. Been watching Mathew Broderick since he was a teen…he never disappoints. 🤩

  17. A lot of people commenting about Dopesick. So will I.
    Dopesick was a bouquet of small human stories that combined to illustrate the opioid epidemic. Dopesick took you to some very sad places. It gave you concrete reasons to feel outraged & desire action.
    BUT Dopesick wasn’t actually angry or mean spirited. There wasn’t a mustache twirling Big Pharma exec eating puppies on screen.
    Painkiller looks VERY angry & not subtle. It is a painful & outrageous subject, but audiences won’t keep watching if they can’t connect with human characters & if they’re being bitched at. The Sackler story, which has affected countless millions of lives, needs to be treated with seriousness & artistry, not screaming & conspiracy.

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