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Down for Love Trailer

Down for Romance, Love | Official Trailer | Netflix. A heartwarming quest for love, this feel-good reality show follows several people with Down syndrome as they navigate the trials and triumphs of dating.

Down for Love | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. Netflix is really digging DEEP for content because what ?

  2. What's with the down votes?

  3. Netflix going to hell for this NAME SMH 🤦

  4. Netflix is HIGHLY SUS for this. Things like this have been done before and they were exploitative & borderline ridicule.
    Cmon now. Sad

  5. Ok so like people with down syndrome should date other people with down syndrome ? Because it's very much the message of this show. Disabled people should only date disabled people ? Rich with rich, poor with poor, white with white , black with black… is this the kind of love you support ?? There is an issue here…

  6. God loves you and he wants to save everyone 🙏🏾❤️

  7. It would be one thing if the people with down syndrome were just ordinary contestants(?) on a dating show without a gimmick but to specifically target down syndrome people is disappointing and seems like the kind of exploitative or ableist thing that usually has alarm bells ringing with virtue signals bright and loud lighting up the internet sky like a hundred thousand bat signals. Can anybody tell why this show gets a green light?

  8. J.esus Christ Returns, repent of sin and OBEY the LAW of the Faather…   Y..A,,H…. is a egipt DEMON, BEWARE …… (HalleluJAH is a PAGAN word)

  9. Is it just me or this is kinda messed up like I’m all for everyone finding love but like—

  10. Dan

    I mean, nothing wrong with a play on words for Down syndrome. Acknowledging reality shouldn't be controversial…. Exploiting those people for money and viewership by tugging at the heart-strings of the normies who aren't yet aware that the disabled community is going to be the new worshipped and coddled class idolized by the cry-bully outrage mob (to replace trans people, as gays, blacks, and women were replaced before them) in order to push agendas and legislation onto people that goes against the country's best interests on the other hand…

  11. 1:12 all joking aside, you can see how upset she got when he said no to having kids

  12. Weird to see Netflix turning into 2000's cable with their original programming.

  13. Why can they only date other people with down syndrome? If they’re no different than us why not date whoever they want to?

  14. Jesus Christ on the cross I'm going to be laughing like a damn mental patient over this one

  15. They are all very well spoken I admire their courage <3

  16. I'm reading the comments, and everyone seems to hate it. Well, I can't wait to see it. I almost cried when he said I don't like her. I love her! 😢😊 Aug 11th I'll be watching for sure.

  17. Shall we renew Mindhunter for a new season or create a new series about downies falling in love? Hard choice

  18. I’m almost positive the SAG writers who wrote this were just gaslighting Netflix into thinking this was a good idea.

  19. Knowing how you pay & don't pay your writers and actors…this looks like exploitation

  20. H G

    Shane Gillis should host.

  21. Good lord netflix with the title selections😭why lol

  22. Even those who did not deliver from the evil of Netflix! 😟

    حتى هذول ما سلموا من شر نتفلكس!

  23. esc

    The name choice is wild

  24. I’m conflicted 👀 but when’s it coming out

  25. Interesting that they only cast people with Downs that aren't that mentally disabled.

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