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DROP 01 Trailer

DROP 01 Official Trailer | Coming September 27th Digital Premiere of Castlevania: Nocturne + Epic Animation Drops (feat. Scott Pilgrim, Sonic Prime & much more!). September 27th, 9AM PT.


Get ready for Netflix’s Drop 01, a livestream event featuring the worldwide digital premiere of Castlevania: Nocturne, epic trailers, shock drops, sneak peeks, and more! Join us for Drop 01 on September 27th, 9AM PST.

DROP 01 | Official Trailer | Coming September 27th

DROP 01 | Official Trailer | Coming September 27th


  1. I saw the thumbnail and thought this would be a crossover involving Sonic Prime. But it wasn’t

  2. These are really good Netflix promotions and what a great year for animation on the platform.

  3. Im sorry Im a sonic fan at heart but it's a little funny to see it side by side with these blood baths. most of them

  4. Guess with the strike they going hard on animation. Netflix always did have some bangers with animated shows.

  5. Glad they're not just dropping Sonic Prime like I thought they would. It's good, but it hasn't particularly wowed me yet. There's more they can do, I'm sure.

  6. If you still watch Netflix. Stay away from kids

  7. Im realy excited for Sonic Prime Season 3😅

  8. This is the best thing I seen in awhile with netflix!

  9. Masters of the Universe Revolution? Is that a sequel to Masters of the Universe Revelation? Because that series was pure rubbish.

  10. New Trailers for Scott Pilgrim Anime and Sonic Prime Season 3 Really getting us Hyped up to Expect

  11. Half of these are based on video games.

  12. Anyone else notice ebony and ivory?


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