1. This is how the TV show pilot where a new character, a lazy childish subway enthusiast like me, is introduced into the Mario world begins. He calls them to do plumbing work in his bathroom after a leak. As the brothers work, they complain about always having to do this at his bathroom due to his excessive laziness. In a rush, Mario leaves his phone behind and the enthusiast pretends to be him flirting with Peach until he is teleported to the Mushroom Kingdom.

  2. Not feeling it… Such an idiotic Flash… worst casting of Flash ever…

  3. This will be memed eventually.
    (Don't give them any ideas!)

  4. WTFn short trailer heading
    Can't can't can't wait once it releases

  5. Lego Super Mario Creativity Toolbox Maker Set Available Now!

  6. Oh my gosh I love that ad… Can't wait for the film especially for Luigi 😉

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