1. Just me, or does this look like actual garbage? 🤧

    DC consistently shitting the bed these days.

  2. I love how at the end of the trailer they encourage us to go out and buy the comic book to see where it all began. DC is so desperately trying to prove to the average movie watcher (who never grew up reading comics) that they invented the Multiverse concept and Marvel just so happened to bring it to the cinematic universe before they did. However with all of Marvel's astonishingly consistent failures of late, DC might just pull the rug from underneath them one of these days.

  3. ‘No Meta-Humans’ Sounds like Marvel’s House of M.😮😮 Is this really a Flash movie it looks like a justice league movie but with another flash and a multi universe🤨🤨🤔🤔

  4. This will be the last movie I will see Ezra in only because Snyder had something going.

  5. Awesome, but its so sad this movie will be the last of DC. The story will be remade again after this 😭

  6. Bro why don’t they just stick to the damn animated movies???? Superman as Superman, not Kara. And have Bruce’s dad be Batman in the new one. Why are they waisting so much money on Ezra miller, they need a new flash.

  7. Wow! The whole, well, the bits of storyline got me jumpin to DC again, hopefully THIS turned out the way I think IT should and more surprises 🎉

  8. so the movie was like spiderman breaking the multiverse with dr strange .. copy that

  9. it's really great to see keaton as bruce again but what i kinda hope that he's playing as flashpoint batman (thomas wayne).

  10. You could have a whole film with Keaton and it would fix the mess Snyder left.

  11. why hasn't this psycho, ezra miller been cancelled? lol stop playing, you know why. ixnay on the oojay.

  12. Anyone else find it odd that DC is willing to move in from literally every single A-list actor known to man, but refuse to fire Ezra Miller? Like this is the guy they keep? 😂

  13. Just Like in Spider-Man No Way Home, we have to endure all that teenage coming of age nonsense, just to get some minutes of nostalgy.

  14. I’m burnt out with superhero movies. I feel like I should be hype but the hype is…..dead

  15. Honestly I'm not a fan of Flash but this time, I'm gonna watch. It's gonna be awesome.

  16. If something goes wrong, The Flash can come up with the I'm actually a women excuse and everything will be fine. Love you DC for supporting such a strong person like Ezra. <3

  17. everyone cheering for michael keaton batman is prove that his suit is still doable in today 'realistic approach' superhero suits.

  18. This movie is gonna be epic…… Marvel new savior is Spider-Man. DC can always count on Batman. The Dark Knight

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