1. What a hell of a coincidence I just finished Ghibli's whisper of heart movie🥰

  2. Who the hell in their right minds would ever watch a reboot live-action? Is that what’s movie are aiming for nowadays? No creativity, no new fresh minds to explore wonders of imaginations? Wow what a disappointment… as soon as this movie comes out in theaters I can guarantee you that this movie will end up to be shit. That’ll be my final bottom dollar before I ever witnessed one more ounce of trash.

  3. No no no…. does not work. Live film cannot convey the cartoons.

  4. it remind me of anime that opening view😍😍

  5. I didn’t know this existed. Looks like years after the animation happened . 🤞🏾

  6. But he went to italy to make violins/cello not play them??

  7. The f***? Oh no, Ghibli's going down the path of Disney, making live-action remakes for cash grabs and nostalgia.

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