1. Obinka chinweokwu says:

    India movies are the best.i love most of their song without knowing the meaning

  2. Ibrahim wahab says:

    Ghjjjnnnnnnmkkkkkkkjjj gggghhhhhhhhhhggggggggghhhhjnn vvgg

  3. Joseph Ochijenu says:

    Wow, India movies for me are the best, have never watched, such an interesting movie

  4. Rosemary Uche says:

    Wow this India movie is so interesting I haven’t come across it before is good

  5. Oke Uwuseba says:

    I guess it will be so touching due to the story line of covid 19. How life has been hard.

  6. Mfon Effiong says:

    God help so help the director

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