1. A remake of the classic THEM I am skeptical about. I watch the classic every time it's on. I also have the movie

  2. we are long overdue for many AAA monster movies, im talking massive kaiju and man eaters, covid and the world economy put a strain, pick up devs we need this shit, monster madness!!

  3. Them, old movie about mutant ants, isn't that from the simpsons?

  4. Too many mesh ups in these monsters movies.
    Now I've pledged to watch them only after it turns musical.

  5. I don't buy for a moment that The Meg, A Quiet Place 2 or the Godzilla mess were successful.

    The only movies here that sound even remotely worth considering being made are mountains of madness and the Them remake. Them isn't outdated in the least.

  6. The Thing 3 plz. At the mountains of Madness scene reminds me a lot to the thing.

  7. I have to agree with other ppl here. Narrator's voice and speech cadence is terrible. Really, really bad and offputting. Please just use screen titles or someone who has a good voice and can speak slower and more clearly.
    So bummed they never remade The Meg properly, like the book. Statham was awful as Jonas and the movie felt shallow and rushed. The books are terrifying and would be fantastic if done properly. yay kronosaurus. Lots of cool monsters to do. I will believe At the Mountains of Madness it is finally out. Been teasing us with that for years. Desperate for some good Lovecraft adaptations.

  8. Your comments on THEM?

    “Admittedly outdated original?”

    You sound like a hungry wanna be YouTube star…..

    Pass, on your channel.

  9. I just want to the continuance of ALIEN, thas it, notta bunch of remake garbage

  10. Man, this 4:17 is fucking amazing! If Del Toro do something like this, will be one of amazing horror movies of time! Kind remind me of my favorites episodes from Death, Love and Robots, season 1 epi Beyond the Aquila Rift and season 3 epi Swarm

  11. Shin godzilla was terrible. It didn't feel like a a Godzilla movie. Too boring as well. In my opinion at least. But The Meg 2 and A Quiet Place 3 sounds super cool.

  12. Sheesh, man, vocal pitch variety is important, sure, but your constant jumps to the top of your pitch range bear no relation to to the words you're saying. Please try and do this only when the word is hyper-important. Otherwise IT sounds like you HAVE no real engagement WITH the words YOU'RE saying.

  13. To be honest, I have to express that I find the narrator’s voice too high pitched and too fast. However, I mean no offense and just want to provide honest feedback. I’ve been watching your videos for years but it’s getting harder to stay through to the end.

  14. Who is bigger and stronger than mechagodzilla?

  15. They should make a movie about titanboa and also make a ramake of Deep Rising and Ghost Ship.

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