1. holaniyi busayo says:

    really nice and cool interesting movie

  2. Ukamaka Marylinda says:

    This movie is a clear description of what friends are, angels in the morning and devils at night

  3. Obaro Uwuseba says:

    Really nice wonderful movie

  4. manyor ovat says:

    Wow this movie dope I love it

  5. Lucky Aninye says:

    A bit predictable- probably because i had read the book

  6. Stanley Okoye says:

    This is very nice i must say
    So sweet

  7. Rachael Bassey says:

    A friend in need is a friend in deed

  8. Moses Boluwatife says:

    It’s really good to have a good friend

  9. Rapheal Babatunde says:

    A friend indeed is a friend in need for sure

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