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The Witness – (Brain Jotter)

Here’s a new skit by the Popular Instagram skit maker Brainjotter. His new release is titled THE WITNESS, this will definitely crack you up.

The Witness Starring

Brain Jotter, Modola Osifiwa, Etinosa Idemudia, Kevin Black, Mariam Lazarus, Ezeh Valentine, Razzy Main and many others.

The video was produced by Brain Jotter himself, shot and directed by Director Sweet.

  • Genre: Comedy, Thriller
  • Stars: Brain Jotter, Modola Osifiwa, Etinosa
  • Runtime: 55mins

Watch The Witness by Brain Jotter


  1. This man deserves his flowers now , i really appreciate you brain jotter for all the effort you put in your work , the future is you 👍

  2. I've watched movies 2 hours long and they can't compare to this well done sir. I've been watching Nigerian movies almost all my life and this was awesome.

  3. 1st 1st, I ripped d video 2 watch offline. 2ndly, guy @BrainJotter ur suspense in this short-movie is eFing Dope! U suspended me 2ce at d end, burst my head. Nollywood suppose pay U 4 consultation lectures. Damn!!! Bigger U bro. Duff my hat.

  4. Best Short Movie of the YEAR.
    I tried not to cry for her.😢
    BrainJotter did it well 😂😂😂❤

  5. I've noticed you're always saving lives in your videos. Good job and well done for saving a life again

  6. Nah the same bumshort wey you wear last three weeks you still wear now 😂

  7. The end was so emotional 😢 Great job 👏

  8. Respect brother the great nolly yet to be unfolded, please I no mind following you to the next generation of Nollywood

  9. U done start Nigerian film later u go now go marry da girl😂

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