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The Bleeding Note: Brainjotter

THE BLEEDING NOTE is the latest Brainjotter 2023 and 2024 Nollywood movie featuring Donjazzy.

THE BLEEDING NOTE: Brainjotter Movie


  1. My dream is to meet brain jotter for just a day

    But my problem is they always use money to trick him 😅😅
    I hope my dream will be for fill

  2. Brain jotter u no wan see heaven again u go dey stress Don baba😂😂😂

  3. Brain jotter did a very great job here

  4. My love for BrainJotter and his colleagues is just so deep. Nice movie and great characters. Shade has a beautiful voice and body. She’s my crush. Big ups BrainJotter. You’re indeed an epitome of God’s blessings. Love from Ghana ❤

  5. This is very emotional, I don’t think I can cry watching a movie as an art student ❤❤❤

  6. This is so emotional
    I've learnt the lyrics of the song already

  7. I love the way she sang with a Bible verse that is cool but Bj I will like to join your team act ❤

  8. Brain jotter is really the best comedian

  9. Wow, brain jotter you did a great job.more grease to your elbow.👋👋👋nice one

  10. Brain jotter respect for this my bro!!! thats really all i can say at this point, RESPECT my bro!!!!!!

  11. I always like to push his video 📹 far….Another mad movie 🎬


  13. this guys movies beats 80% of the so called nollywood asaba movies.. i cant fault it. TBH. This is a best

  14. This is more than a movie 🎥 this is a real thing that always happening to our talented peoples, and may God protect them. Please let's be careful who we trust🙏❤

  15. Brain jotter is a clown I swear and full of wisdom as well, guy wey d give me joy 🤣🤣 I love you bro

  16. Brain jotter I can’t believe this 😮😮😮this is more than Oscar bro .. Igbo nwelu mmadu and Nigeria nwelu ife

  17. You and Ghost ehn, na only God know wetin u do ghosts

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