1. Look cheesy and over the top CGI. Dollar tree version of a real horror movie. Wasted Russell Crowe’s talent.

  2. Waiting to watch. It’s going break the conjuring or not. Let’s watch this.

  3. Pity the church doesn't fight hard against the true evil, pedophile priests

  4. And I though Crowe had been working out for a John Goodman biopic.

  5. Saw it and can confirm it was amazing and Crowe kills the role. Couldn't have picked a better person.

  6. will they show this in the philippines? i'd love to see it. philippines is a catholic country.

  7. whats up with these new horror movies about popes,fathers getting possessed them selves ?

  8. Burst out laughing when the kid said "Bring me the priest" thought it was so comical,might go see this just for a laugh.

  9. Meh…My preference is to infer malevolence, not bang us over the head with CGI. Russell Crowe doesn't need a digital rescue, his acting alone can sell terror and despair. He is that talented – that's why he is a star and a legend. 🇨🇦🍁🍁🍁

  10. Out Dated Superstition. Evolution has been proven true. Times have Changed.
    FEAR , life blood of Vatican; keeps the money flowing.

  11. It’s nice to see Russell Crowe embrace the John Travolta / Bruce Willis eta of his career

  12. Looks a little lame to me. It's just another conjuring, the rite, deliver us from devil style. I wonder if this was produced by A24…

  13. Horror movies are so lame these days! Give me the opportunity and contacts and I'll present a horror movie script so terrifying and visually sadistic that it will be crowned as the best horror film ever and never to be beaten… It will be something never seen before. Unfortunately I don't have those contacts and opportunity… It's a shame the world will never see it…

  14. What ever happened to simple horror? There’s too much going on.

  15. Can't believe he's still doing his joke Thor accent.

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