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Ola Dips Biography: Death, Net Worth, Songs & Age

Hailing from Ogun State, Nigeria, Ola Dips, born Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji on March 24, 1995, is a versatile 28-year-old artist, known for his prowess in rap, singing, songwriting, and text battles.

His Musical Journey:

Ola Dips kicked off his musical journey at the age of sixteen, initially making a mark in the unique world of text battles. Before gaining popularity on Facebook for his rap battles, he showcased his skills by triumphing over notable opponents, including a memorable face-off with Don Geo. The turning point in his career came with a victory at the “King is Here” contest, organized by D’banj, leading to a collaboration with the well-known Nigerian music label, EDGE Records.

Career Highlights:

Since then, Ola Dips has shared stages with renowned Nigerian music icons, earning acclaim for his versatility. His performance of a Drake and Trey Songz composition resonated with audiences, highlighting his diverse talents. Notably, he composed the emotionally charged track “Don’t Let Dagrin Down” as a touching tribute to the late Dagrin, receiving widespread praise for its heartfelt homage.

Navigating Conflicts:

The music scene was abuzz on July 1, 2019, with news of Ola Dips parting ways with LRR/EDGE Records. In response, he released a song accusing Label CEO Reminisce of contract breaches and financial discrepancies. Ola Dips asserted that the slow progression of his career and insufficient financial investment led to the dispute. In contrast, the record company claimed they were offering support without a formal contract.

For fans and enthusiasts alike, Ola Dips’ journey is a testament to his resilience and talent, navigating both the highs of success and the challenges of the industry.

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In one of his tracks, Ola Dips shared his disappointment about being deceived, revealing that he was parting ways with the label, left with just 23,000 ($63) in his account.

Despite their past issues, recent signs on social media suggest that Ola Dips and the label are on better terms, with both leaving positive comments on each other’s Instagram posts.

Ola Dips Net worth

Since leaving the label, Ola Dips has thrived, amassing an estimated net worth of $20,000.

Social Media

For those wanting to stay connected, Ola Dips is active on social media:

Oladips in The Hospital

On November 15, 2023, a concerning video surfaced online, featuring Ola Dips requesting his friend, OnlyOneLifetime on Instagram, to rush him to the hospital.

Before this, Ola Dips had posted on his Instagram story, asking the friend who had gone to fetch him drugs to return home.

The video captures Ola Dips urging his companion to take him to the hospital, with his friends expressing worry as he appeared to pass out on the way.

Details about the exact cause of his death are still undisclosed. Stay tuned for updates.