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Mast Mein Rehne Ka (2023)

Mast Mein Rehne Ka, an exciting movie movie from India, Bollywood, made by the talented director Vijay Maurya and brought to life by the creative mind of Vijay Maurya, Payal Arora.


A man chooses an old widower's home for his first robbery, kicking off a set of events that have them both look at life in a new way and with new companions in the starkness of the city of Mumbai.


  • Genre: movie
  • Title: Mast Mein Rehne Ka
  • Year: 2023
  • Rated: N/A
  • Runtime: 127 min
  • Release Date: 08 Dec 2023
  • Language: Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil
  • Cast: Jackie Shroff, Neena Gupta, Abhishek Chauhan


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