1. Wow 😮 this hero actres, cool and grand father good acting army american fans

  2. This is awesome. Not like Indian movies

    Fight scene chal raha ho to suddenly Pyar mohabbat ka song aa jata hai.

  3. Bike scene is taken from The fist of God by Frederick Forsyth…. They should make a movie on that novel… It is a movie that must be made

  4. This is how they do their dirty work in others countries, destroy them and then play the victim card themselves. Wao… CIA, FBI all are terrorists.

  5. was about to watch it but then I read – director of greenland…. no thanks
    that was the worst that could happen to Butler. I hope he recovers after the fall from great 300 to Greenland crap.

  6. Make movie pls how USA destroying Nordstream pipeline

  7. Here I was thinking that they produced a movie about the Giant a military unit allegedly engaged in Kandahar. Boy, was I wrong!

  8. Oh! here we go with another movie,where Americans are good guys. Fcking bullshit😅

  9. Destroying nuclear… Didn't Maverick and his team completed that mission last year?

  10. Wonder if this 1 will drag / run out of steam like most like this movie in my option.

  11. from 3 world country prespective, wth they destroyed nuclear powerplant for electrycity other country wtf

  12. Interesting, Gerard Butler is always good so worth a watch I think.

  13. Trailer looks cool
    I know it’s gonna be AWESOME
    Gerard Butler is such a talented actor
    Can’t wait for this really

  14. I’m glad I just remembered watching plane about month ago and I still like Gerald Butler since, 300.

  15. butler is becoming cliche actor and he takes every single piece of boring crap … like this .. "from people who did Greenland…" lol i wouldnt take pride of this ..

  16. Rất hồi hộp và hấp giẫn tôi đang mong chờ ngày phát sóng ❤

  17. another movie where the Good pure angelic American Hero fights the pure Evil ak47/sand natives after 20 years of unlawful occupation and resource theft .Man those the west can't stop playing the victim card!

  18. Without beard he doesn't looks like hawkye at all. This is not same for most of the actors who does superhero roles.

  19. Yawn. One day, there will be a film maker with original idea. If want to a good film, try 'Ice cold, in Alex' or 'Nine Men' acting requires a little a look, an expression, and not just 96mins of garbage dialog and explosions as window dressing for an unbelievable story.

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