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High School Magical (Season 1 Episode 6)

High School Magical Season 1 Episode 6 Video Mp4 Download Movie

Love Affair. In this episode, the students bare their hearts out on their love interests as we were taken through series of love triangles.

We may be 39 episodes and a movie into the story of The irregular at magic high school, but this episode takes us back to the beginning. Actually, before the beginning as it turns out; set just days before Miyuki and Tatsuya’s first day of magical high school, this episode follows the two as they spend the day together for Miyuki’s birthday.

While the main series focuses on Tatsuya, this side-story finds him relegated to a supporting role. This is honestly a welcome change. Tatsuya seems to be able to do anything with little effort as the series goes on. High School Magical Season 1 Episode 6.

And while his new ways of using magic are absolutely world-changing, it’s important to remember that as far as traditional magic users go, Miyuki is among the strongest of them despite her young age (It’s one of the main reasons her aunt is grooming her to take over the Yotsuba clan after all). So getting to see Miyuki in all her glory without her having to worry about what her brother would think is a welcome treat.

High School Magical Season 1 Episode 6

This episode also fits in little lore tidbits, explaining where Miyuki’s hair accessory came from and why the student council was so interested in both her and Tatsuya from day one. We also see that the siblings’ aunt was already aware of the terrorist group that would attack the magical high school just a few weeks into the school year. None of this is vital information or anything, but it does make the world of The irregular at magic high school feel a bit more fleshed out.

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