1. Respect Apple!!! Expensive actors… and these actors only accept epic scripts…

  2. Oh the irony! Brought to us by a great contributor for e-waste and mindless consumption!

  3. Summary: some wealthy liberals with lots of diversity feel a need to save the world from the unenlightened. Lots of scaremongering over things that aren't caused by climate change (hurricanes, wildfires, wealth inequality).
    BTW in 2070 the cars will be electric, energy will be clean, cow emissions will be replaced by cultured meat, incineration plants will all have smoke filtration systems, and billions more trees will be planted. Stop watching this libtard trash.

  4. Why not let Greta play in this movie ? She is such a good actress….

  5. When the cast is huge and expensive..yeah is gonna flop

  6. Good POV.
    every fking film about nature, all they talk is about how earth dead, but the only thing going to die is humanity and its live-env. Earth dont give a fuck.

  7. Conservatives: "Something something woke agenda, something something liberal indoctrination"

  8. This series is actually not bad, I love that it's a modern world and a futuristic half too

  9. More Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC) cult/cabal propaganda. The WEF must be SO PROUD. Ironically, everyone of those ACTORS do not PRACTICE what THEY PREACH, e.g., owning beach front homes, flying in private/chartered jets, etc.

  10. There's an actress that looks like Hillary Clinton in this trailer at 1:23. Please tell me that is simply an actress that looks like Hillary Clinton and not the real McCoy. That would be about as cringe as Stacy Abrams playing the president of Earth in that Star Trek show.

  11. oh look, more repulsive judeo-globalist propaganda. god churchill doomed society.

  12. Hope it is good. So many characters, mad preachy message, heaps of actor-vists, annoying dialogue when you get over it for being poignant in the trailer, a premise with a suggested plot direction and even solution that is going to split audiences. Alot of red flags for a stinker, but I'm intrigued.

  13. The irony of a company that produces millions of products that are only slightly better than the last version, using up resources and creating green house gases, all while sponsoring slavery in the Congo, making a movie on environmental issues and preaching is not lost on me.
    This will backfire Apple.

  14. Ironic, hollywood sees a dystopian society and the world as we know it coming to an end while living on beach front properties in million dollar mansions.

  15. 2023 is the year of Climate Change propaganda. You got the Agenda for this year right. First was Covid, then Ukraine now is Climate Change. Oh, and they prepare the next year for the UFOs.

  16. Mark my words. As population reaching to 8 billions this year, and will keep increasing, the world will not getting any better. Slowly but sure, It's getting worse. 😅😄

  17. Where's the main heroine, Greta Thunberg ? … she must be the Goddess in this movie ! The savior of human beings !!!

  18. Weird how most movies these days feel like predicting our future more and more.

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