1. i espect to adonis creed failed and the russian rising to fight in another film

  2. Creed wad training whole life and other guy was sitting in the jail,how they can be on same level?

  3. Can’t wait to see this. It’s definitely going to be dope, but I wish rocky was included in this but I understand he’s creating his own path and making the storyline about him.

  4. This kang variant decline calling from the trio variant in end credit of ant man 3, instead choose to fight killmonger, whom married to valkyrie 😂

  5. Three, this is his Clubber Lang just like Rocky 3. Who will die in Creed 4?

  6. Killmonger vs Kang the conqueror…..and add the Valkyrie im the mix

  7. 0:25 that's how I want Kang to look at Wanda before he's gonna demolish her

  8. Ok it has drago comin back and creed pullin a freakin plane (montage to rocky's sled pulling) Can't wait.

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