1. I love me some Luenell I love watching her videos on VladTV I'm so happy she got her own special she definitely deserves it

  2. 😂😂 no she didn't!!! B.A & B.C…… i agree,👏 the world was different then.

  3. Love love love Dave Chappelle, and everything he has made comedy wise has been great. But also, this doesn't look that good at all. Sorry.

  4. Luenell Town Business 510 Bay Area yaaass…. My favorite auntie. ❤❤❤❤ Can't wait.

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  6. Honestly surprised Dave is a part of this and not Katt. Still gonna watch though, she is hilarious

  7. Netflix becoming weird bro. What ever happened to morals?

  8. Yawn.. another act where we're supposed to laugh simply cuz of the "novelty" of a female, especially an older woman, making crude sex "jokes". Cringe

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