1. Maximum chances Rose maybe innocent.. Albert killer because Albert mad about Rosa..Rosa may be sleep with him..and Albert also killed a other person because of Rosa…Rosa defended Albert because of she thought, Albert save her.. that was her first mistake.. in core, Rosa know that how crule Albert..so i believe Rosa… Because every mother wants save her children….in which country this crime happed i don't know but their society is so bad…free sex.. you are not animal.. you are human beings..if these types of society any where the consequences is this type of crime… if you want anyone ( men/women) divorce your partner first then you choose other patner by law.. illigal affairs consequences these types.. control yourself both.. because you are human, not animal.

  2. Actress mix of Tamanna Bhatiya and Gauhar khan…..bty m still watching series

  3. This is a great movie…. Rosa is trash she's one of those type of women who isn't shit

  4. People are desperate to find ONE person who loves them and this lady here ruining the life of 3 men who loves her.
    She can't get enough d*c*s😅

  5. In another life both Tokyo and Gandia were in love..

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