1. Praise Peter says:

    It’s really interesting can’t wait to download it😁

    1. Egharegbemi Mene says:

      This is a very interesting and entertaining movie with lots of comedy and drama. Keep downloading it’s for the family

  2. Simisola Akeju says:

    Interesting movie with great acts,particularly that lady who happens to be the main character. She did a good job,really impressive

    1. Olua Chinyere says:

      At my first sighting of this movie I was captivated by its caption and name Risen. I thought that it was a Christian movie about the risen of the Christ

  3. Simisola Akeju says:

    Contemporaries everywhere but there is nothing as good as working together to achiever better results. This movie says it all

  4. Simisola Akeju says:

    I was so happy to watch this movie after seeing one of our breeds making wave in the American movie industry and I wasn’t disappointed. I loved the movie,so mature

  5. Haman Yunusa says:

    Risen seem to be interested but i can’t wait to watch it.

  6. Aisha Jibrin says:

    I would add this to my reading list as soon as possible

  7. Aisha Jibrin says:

    Just learning about this movie. I will add this too

  8. jesse folse says:

    I love the movie so much is pretty good and encouraging kudos to the admin for uploading the movie

  9. Aisha Jibrin says:

    Just learning about this movie. Thank you so much melody blog

  10. Ajayi Olubunmi says:

    God bless melody
    No dulling moment with all your movie

  11. Ajayi Olubunmi says:


  12. Ohi Abraham says:

    This movie is straight to the point, no dili Dali, its an interesting movie though

  13. Yusif Abubakar jafar says:

    The movie that I found interested from the beginning up to the end
    Was nice

  14. Kingsley Monday says:

    This few weeks away from work because of my leave, and God blessing me with this platform to select and watch movie of my Choice, I now don’t have leisure time to go and gossip. I use the precious time to watch, learn and improve myself.

  15. Kingsley Monday says:

    I wouldn’t come to know how priceless this platform has become, until maybe i, God forbid with the reasonings. So I am fully loving the site, and the better side is the movies they are all the kind of movies that I really love.

    1. I will keep watching this movie over and over again

  16. Jane Oghenevwaire Okoro Arhore says:

    Beautiful and amazing movie it’s so nice wow good to download

  17. Israel Samuel Ajogu says:

    It will be interesting to watch a movie acted in space am just imagine how the space will be

  18. Jane Oghenevwaire Okoro Arhore says:

    It seems l should keep on watching this movie all over nd over without stopping kudos to the producer

  19. Jane Oghenevwaire Okoro Arhore says:

    Among list of movies to be downloaded it’s awesome wow

  20. Kingsley Monday says:

    Gush, like oh my God. This movie I have searched all over for this movie. That is just why I love melody blog, when you are already losing all hopes, they just come with their surprises.

  21. Kingsley Monday says:

    I am in much jubilation right now, if you know the distance of walk I have covered, the amount of data that has been consumed, searching for this movie on the internet, friends that I have tried explaining how the movie looks like and they were just unable to do anything. Thank you very much, Mr melody.

  22. Praise David says:

    Always handy with all that is needed in terms of entertainment through movies.
    You guys are really doing a great job. Keep it up.

  23. Billy Billy says:

    This is amazing movie i really like it

  24. Billy Billy says:

    I’m so happy with this moviesisπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  25. Billy Billy says:

    That’s good movie to watch very time I which to have of this movies it’s very nice πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  26. Haruna lawan Haruna says:

    What the fuck its he still alive when he already Dead i really like the horror movie

  27. Haruna lawan Haruna says:

    Since the name of the movie i definitely know that he going to make senseβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️😘😍😍😍😍β™₯️😍☺️

  28. Godbless Ugbenbofa says:

    I was sad b4 watching this movie after watching this movie I became so happy very interesting movie highly recommended

  29. Godbless Ugbenbofa says:

    Very interesting movie can’t wait to download this movie and watch the movie

    1. Najib Bello says:

      This action movie value like others film that I watch before

  30. AbdulRasaq Isiaq says:

    Love to watch and download movies on this blog. Perfectly designed for refreshing.

  31. Sadi Rabiu Muhammad says:

    Wow I really appreciate it very much

    1. Samson Edet says:

      The British assent I know a girl friend who fantasizes and crushes on such…

  32. Sadi Rabiu Muhammad says:

    Nice movie I really appreciate it very much

    1. Umar Lawan says:

      Wenderfull movie

  33. Sadi Rabiu Muhammad says:

    Wow nice movie I really appreciate it very much

  34. Desmond Orji says:

    I like this Nigerian actor… His movies always cool
    He was maleficent mistress of evil the movie

  35. Egharegbemi Mene says:

    This is a very interesting and entertaining movie with lots of science fiction and drama. Keep downloading and add more

  36. Egharegbemi Mene says:

    This is a very interesting and entertaining movie with lots of crime, comedy and drama. It’s recommended for all families. Keep downloading

  37. Graham Anthony says:

    One of the movies I was looking forward to watch and I believe it’s gonna be fantastic

  38. Egharegbemi Mene says:

    This is a very interesting and entertaining movie with lots of crime comedy and drama. Keep watching and don’t stop

    1. Umar Lawan says:

      One of them this is very interesting and comdey

  39. Khalid Rabiu says:

    A nice and very interesting movie

  40. Praise David says:

    This blog is very helpful when it comes to entertainment. I’ve never found downloading movies this easier. Plus making the latest movies available, accessible and easy to download. Kudos to you.

  41. Umar Jibril says:

    This is an entertaining and intresting science fiction movie.

  42. holaniyi busayo says:

    It was very nice and interesting movies i loved it

  43. holaniyi busayo says:

    Added to my playlists going to be watched 😎😎

    1. Umar Lawan says:

      Thanks so much melody

  44. holaniyi busayo says:

    Thanks 😊 for this movie it was really cool and niy

  45. Umar Jibril says:

    Wow this is an intresting movie but the title sounds funny “BIA” is an igbo word

  46. Umar Jibril says:

    This is an intresting movie i like the title already.

  47. Samson Edet says:

    Rise of zombies and extinctions lvl of man on earth

    1. Faruk Afolayan says:

      This movie is nice

  48. Sherifdeen Jimada says:

    Such an amazing horror movie

  49. Sherifdeen Jimada says:

    Great movie Sure to find interesting in watching full video

  50. Sherifdeen Jimada says:

    Can’t view this movie content what a pity ☹️☹️

  51. Abdulmalik Muhammad says:

    This is one of the most important moment I have ever seen in this

  52. Bliss Amy says:

    The name of the movie makes it look like a Christian movie.It is all about the disaster that looms the entire environment.
    Will there be solution?

  53. Bliss Amy says:

    Thanks to melody blog for this wonderful seasoned movie.
    I can’t wait to download it.
    Very interesting.

  54. Bliss Amy says:

    At first when I saw lockdown I thought that movie will be about the recent epidemic that just disturb the entire globe.

  55. Chibuzo Kevin says:

    Thanks for the movie

  56. idowu Afolabi says:

    Wishing to watch this movie

  57. Umar Lawan says:

    Wow this is actor

  58. Ajimajasan Joshua says:

    It’s was good and fantastic romantic movie 🎦 and awesome views it’s that Risen

  59. Ajimajasan Joshua says:

    Wow wow nice to see the films πŸ“Ό because I really liked it and fantastic πŸ€”

  60. Ajimajasan Joshua says:

    Thanks for the vedio her show for us Mr malody, this is a very interesting article and good movie 🎦 🌹

  61. Olua Chinyere says:

    It’s a comic dramatic family adventure movie upside down world. The struggles of out competition of the other. Teenage big screen kudos

  62. Abdulrahman Muhammad says:

    The risen vary Interested trailer I like to watch the full film

  63. Eddison Morinson says:

    This is one interesting and entertaining movie. It’s filled with crime and comedy. It’s suitable for family viewing. Keep downloading more.

    1. Otacheri Gift says:

      So impressive now…. Sad before but I’m happy now….

  64. Eddison Morinson says:

    This is one interesting and entertaining movie. It’s filled with drama and science fiction. Keep watching

  65. Eddison Morinson says:

    This is one interesting and entertaining movie. It’s filled with crime, comedy and drama. kudos to melody blog

  66. Akinola Yemisi says:

    Mind blowing movie. Interesting and fascinating. I love the movie

  67. Very interested movie that make me forget about my sorrows

  68. Sadi Rabiu Muhammad says:

    The only thing that attracts me to watch this movie is the actress because she’s beautiful

  69. kwin mamzira says:

    Have being
    Hearing about this movie and finally have watched it myself

  70. Praise David says:

    The lockdown due to the Covid pandemic was a very awful experience. So terrible especially for those of us from this part of the world.

  71. Kenobi Moses says:

    Wow classic movies l really love everything about the movie l mean it

  72. Omogbolahan Akeju says:

    I just so much like sci-fi movies , this movie will worth downloading…. Age of dinosaurs

  73. Omogbolahan Akeju says:

    Argentina movies… Mostly always all about love sha

  74. Omogbolahan Akeju says:

    I am sure they got the idea of this movie from the Corona period….

  75. Omogbolahan Akeju says:

    I am sure they got the title of this movie from the Corona period….

  76. Haman Yunusa says:

    This movie show intrest i watch it long ago i can’t wait to watch it again

  77. Sunday Olughu says:

    I just like discovery movies, Ofcourse she deserve to know the truth how the meteor rock landed

  78. Azeez Quadri says:

    Wow …I enjoy it

  79. Sadiq Ishaq says:

    I watched this two times, because it was great movie

  80. Elvis Efe says:


  81. Elvis Efe says:


  82. Elvis Efe says:


  83. Noble Okuku says:

    Ok what’s the need for all this suspense.
    I want to download this movie and no link

    Just like the other one I recently saw.

  84. Anas Muhammad says:

    This movie is always a movie πŸ“½οΈπŸ“½οΈπŸ“½οΈπŸ“½οΈπŸ“½οΈπŸ“½οΈπŸ“½οΈ is not like others just try this film now

  85. Malik Rafiu says:

    I love this is cool ….🀫🀫🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀫🀫🀫🀫🀫🀐🀫🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐🀐

  86. Malik Rafiu says:

    BIA: An Upside Down World …wow wow wow wow wow wow

  87. Obisung Toyo says:


  88. Otacheri Gift says:

    Fantastic and romantic movie full of πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  89. Otacheri Gift says:

    Fantastic and romantic movieπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  90. Sadiq Ishaq says:

    This website has gather best movies

  91. Sadiq Ishaq says:

    Another new movie, interesting science fiction

  92. Okoro Godswill Ogheneriebrorue says:

    Wonderful and wonderment, guys this movie is fantastic

    1. Innocent Joy says:

      The setting is good that woman I love the part she played I enjoy it

  93. Okoro Godswill Ogheneriebrorue says:

    I love this website so much, they have alot of movies for us

  94. Okoro Godswill Ogheneriebrorue says:

    Smiling because I love this movie so much

  95. Annabelle Adaeze says:

    Melody blog is the best. I will definitely add this to my list

    1. Najib Bello says:

      I’m very interested this action movie with my besty phone because I’m going back to sleep

  96. Alphonsus Johnbosco says:

    Great movie thumbs up to the directors

  97. Annabelle Adaeze says:

    The movie is evolutionary. I love the setting.

  98. Adekunle Iyiola says:

    Just too intriguing

  99. Okojie Oseluesele says:


    1. Usman Ishaq says:


      1. Usman Ishaq says:


  100. Dickson Okon says:

    Your comment..the writter and the director try alort that’s great

  101. John Senu says:

    Good one but it was a pleasure to watch and learn from these

  102. Okojie Oseluesele says:

    Melody blog keep it up

  103. Okojie Oseluesele says:

    Nice one

  104. Abdulkarim Bala says:

    Extremely nice movie

  105. Abdulkarim Bala says:

    This website is giving me joy

  106. Abdulkarim Bala says:

    I learn so much from this movie i will like my friends to watch it too

  107. Melody is making me to be watching interesting movie 😍😍😍😍

  108. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    This movie is going to be fantastic

  109. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Melody blog is the best

  110. Oluwatobi Adewale B says:

    This movie we be an interesting one

  111. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Thanks to Melody blog for being there for us

  112. Musa Kasai says:

    The best movie i watch so far 2021 i really like it

  113. Kingsley Monday says:

    The female lead character resemble my superstar rock star cardi b. The movie is just very nice, it beats all of my unimaginable imaginations. Much credit for making it all possible goes to melody blog.

  114. Kingsley Monday says:

    Nobody, no one can oppose this movie, I really don’t see any contrary challenge. I am very well impressed, God bless the provider of this beautiful platform.

  115. LINUS MONDAY says:

    So fantastic

  116. Mohammed Umar says:

    The conclusion of the day is to this film interesting film let me download it now now now πŸ€«πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  117. Mohammed Umar says:

    I like to see updates always in this site especially at the top with green that mean the announcement of melody

  118. Abdulmalik Ahmad says:

    wow kindly I can want to say I like this action movie because the day that I watched this thing I have is so much sleep because me and nitrogen we look at this

  119. Oyeyemi pelumi says:

    πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž it’s not bad at all I want more movies like this

  120. Abdulmalik Muhammad says:

    I watch the movies and i want to apply the movies please help me wonerful nice movies

  121. Niminji Yohana says:

    I love to see my fellow Nigerians in Hollywood movies Ejiefor is doing just fine

  122. Niminji Yohana says:

    What more can we say or do it clearly tells that this movie is fantastic

  123. Alamu Michael says:

    The trailer is 😘😘😘 muaah. Can’t wait to watch this one.

  124. saviour Dickson says:

    Your comment..didn’t see that coming, excellent work my gees

  125. Bayode Moses says:

    The movie is really touching and nice to watch

  126. Valentino Joshua says:

    Good to watch love the movie

    1. Usman Ishaq says:

      I feel am oh πŸ€—πŸ€“

  127. Victor Obire says:

    Exhilarating and fun to watch

  128. Victor Obire says:

    Who’s hungry for more drama

  129. Ezra Tanko says:

    Wow this movie is very good and educated

  130. Ezra Tanko says:

    This movie is very much good and educated

  131. Ezra Tanko says:

    Wow wow wow this movie is very good

  132. Simon Nsude says:

    This is very interested movie

  133. femi moses says:

    Very interesting movie the writer and the producer did a good job

  134. Dominic Uche says:

    Wow…the south africans in the movie impressed me .there are in deed good actors

  135. Justice Ihechukwu says:


  136. Ofonime Dennis says:

    Let me download this movie

  137. Henry Ifeanyi Oriaku says:

    I so love this movies. If you haven’t seen it, you missed.

  138. Olusola Victor says:

    This movie has been one of my best movie back then, I watch this movie countless times base on emotional it is ,I can I download it here (melody)

  139. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Nice movie

  140. Dele David says:


  141. Jonathan Sabastine says:

    Awesome i love the actions πŸ‘

  142. Nwobasi Chikamso Nnabuife says:


  143. Nosa Davidson says:

    What a movie.. it tells me about life and struggles

  144. Dele David says:

    So lovely

  145. Audu Malik says:

    It was an amazing movie

  146. Obaro Uwuseba says:

    Love the british accent of this movie ..

  147. Iheanyichukwu Ogechi says:

    I want this movie 😍 I really like it

  148. David Oriaku says:

    Fighting most times
    Is a part of life 🀨

  149. zainab Mabinuola says:

    this movie I can never forget it 😫 too much action

  150. Vincent Pitan says:

    A very interesting and fantastic movieπŸ₯°β€β€I love watching this

  151. Enobong George says:

    Love, action, determination, and will power all packed in one movie…….

  152. Iheanyichukwu Ibuchim says:

    Very nice and interesting Movie

  153. Godwin Oputa says:

    Nice movie

  154. Junior Iyke says:

    Action things and things

  155. Eruku Eniola says:

    I got so new adventure video to watch , thanks

  156. Sani Mohammad says:

    This is story about bandits blood diamond

  157. Emoabino Luqman says:

    The movie is really imteresting. I watched it around 2009.

  158. I always enjoy watching this movie

  159. Stanley Okoye says:

    I always enjoy watching this movie

  160. Emmanuel Ugochukwu says:

    I love the action in the film

  161. Emmanuel Ugochukwu says:

    I love the concept of the movie

  162. Okeke Dorathy says:

    I can’t stop watching this movie

  163. manyor ovat says:

    This movie is super good I like it

  164. Oke Uwuseba says:

    Seeing this poster , i will download this with immediate effect

  165. Obio Obio Andy says:

    This movie is a must watch.

  166. Lucky Aninye says:

    In all sincerity, I’m please that i belong here

  167. Nasif Adebayo says:

    lovely and fantastic movie and it’s seem like I should give it a download

  168. Jonathan Ekwere says:

    Acting things on point

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