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10 Korean TV Shows You Must Check Out

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10 Korean TV Shows You Must Check Out

If you’ve watched Kdrama or Korean TV shows, you know how appealing they’re. But if you’re beginning to enter this sphere, let us warn you about the addiction.

Some Kdramas are so unique that you’ll get hooked on Korean culture. And in this post, we’ll list the best Korean TV shows you shouldn’t miss.

Despite being released for a long time, these Korean dramas have gained popularity regardless of the generation gap.

What Is The Most Watched Kdrama In Korea?

The popularity of these K Dramas is not just because of the actors. But also the excellent script and screenplay.

Among several popular Kdramas, Sky Castle gained the most popularity. Even though it is an altered version of Desperate Housewives, it has a huge fan base and revolves around a group of mothers living in the same residential area.

Top 10 Korean TV Shows You Must Watch

1. Squid Game

If there is a series that gained more popularity, it is the Squid game. One of the famous dramas that gained popularity with a different storyline regardless of their regular romantic comedies from Korea. The storyline is of a cash-winning game that can destroy their lives if they lose.

2. Crash Landing On You

Even though it is a South Korean series, this storyline happens in North Korea. The female lead accidentally enters North Korea because of paragliding. Here she meets the male actor, who helps her leave the country. A real-life event inspired this series.

3. Kingdom

If you are a fan of zombie movies, then this K drama is the best option. The story plot focuses upon a disease king who rises back to life and spreads a deadly disease that affects people all over the kingdom. The depiction of zombies, with the suspense and scary scenes, make it way better than the Zombie series or movies in the past.

4. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

This show is a psychological drama that focuses on healing and internal peace. The storyline will make you understand how having a flaw is a common criterion and nothing to be worried about. The plot is made interesting with a beautiful screenplay and emotional scenes.

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5. Sky Castle

As mentioned above, Sky Castle is about a community of women living in the same residential area. This movie has a similar plot to Desperate Housewives. It explains how these housewives try hard to educate their children in one of the best universities in the country. The story focuses on their day-to-day life and the minute problems they face.

6. Vincenzo

This series provided its fans with 20 Great episodes that made it worth the money. Even though it started with a wild storyline, the plot grows into a larger picture. It focuses on a Mafia lawyer who would do anything to win a case.

7. Sweet Home

Sweet Home is another successful zombie movie where people suddenly turn into Monsters. The plot leads a group of other humans to fight against these monsters to survive and keep their humanity alive during the fight. This movie is a must-watch for zombie fans.

8. Descendants Of The Sun

Finally, this is one of the best romantic plots you have been searching for until now. The plot travels with a special forces officer and a surgeon. They strive hard to keep their relationship alive regardless of their professional commitments. The critical success of this series lies in the chemistry between the actors.

9. Strangers

Otherwise popularly known as Strangers From Hell, this movie is about a young man who rents a new home with suspicious activities in the kitchen region. It is a psychological thriller drama, and the show has justified the plot line with amazing actors and directors.

10. 100 Days My Prince

Even though this story has a regular concept, where the prince loses his memory in an accident, it is a pure fiction drama. Released in 2018, the Kdrama was one of the highest-rated shows in the cable TV industry.


All these shows are famous worldwide and are available to watch in most regions of the world. However, if it’s unavailable in your area, use a VPN app. Take a look at honest reviews to make sure that the service is reliable.

Each drama is a must-watch for any Kdrama fan, and you can initiate it from this list. Most of these Dramas are available on online streaming websites, and you can access their premium payments. There are also websites providing this content for free.